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Our Guiding Philosophy

we believe that business can be built only on trust and confidence. Confidence of the people, who deal with us as customer, suppliers, business associates, shareholders/investors and, of course, employees who work for the company and shape its destiny.
We deal in dairy milk & milk products, real estate and render corporate/strategic advisory services and BPO services to Group Companies. We also hold investment in the Group Companies, namely, Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd. and are the owner of Gagan flagship brand and Group Corporate logo.

Notice of Board Meeting– 05.02.2019
Notice of Board Meeting– 03.11.2018
Notice and Annual Report for 77th Annual General Meeting
77th Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company will be held on, Friday, September 14, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. In connection therewith, Register of Members and Share Transfer Register will remain closed from September 08, 2018 to September 14, 2018 (both days inclusive).
E-Voting for the 77th Annual General Meeting
Notice of Board Meeting– 23.05.2018
Notice of Board Meeting– 31.01.2018
Notice of Board Meeting– 14.11.2017
Notice of Board Meeting– 17.07.2017
Notice of Board Meeting – 15.05.2017
Notice -Board Meeting Postponed - 03.02.2017
Notice of Board Meeting – 30.01.2017
Notice of Board Meeting – 04.11.2016
Notice of Board Meeting – 25.07.2016
Notice of Board Meeting – 28.04.2016
Notice of Board Meeting – 14.03.2016
Amrit Food
UHT treated dairy milk, dairy mixes, flavoured milk and other milk products
Real Estate
Intergrated Gagan Enclave Township.

Corporate/Strategic advisory & BPO services.

Unclaimed Provident Fund Dues:
The members of the Amrit Corp. Limited Employees Provident Fund, who have left the employment and have not claimed their provident fund accumulations, may contact the company immediately. Details of Provident Fund accumulations of such members are given in the list. download...
Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd.
Amrit Learning Ltd.
Amrit Agro Industries Ltd.
Hydrogenated & Refined Edible Oils & FMCG Commodities.
Language institutes & corporate training.  
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