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The Edible Oils & FMCG Commodities business of the group has been consolidated in a single entity under the restructuring scheme i.e. Amrit Banaspati Company Ltd. which was earlier known as Amrit Enterprises Ltd.

At Amrit Banaspati Company we have stayed close to our rooots-nature. Our special understanding of nature and her ways have enabled us to grow from a vanaspati company to a multi-product organisation producing a whole range of edible oils and fats.

Today ABC has an installed capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes per month as compared to a mere 3,000 metric tonnes per month in its first year of operations. This stupendous growth has been possible because ABC has continuously endeavoured to bring new products to the Indian consumer and to that end its R & D has played a key role.

It was here that revolutionary products such as Merrigold- the table margarine and Merritreat- the low
fat breadspread were developed. Thereby changing the taste of consumers forever. Further, ABC has over the years introduced a range of refined oils - namely, groundnut, cottonseed, mustard, and sunflower.

With the objective of meeting the varied need of the Indian consumer. Beside ABC also produces bakery shortenings and confectionery fats and oils among other products, that meet your specific needs.

Most importantly, all our products meet the stringent international quality standards. So much so that ABC brands are household names today and have been honoured with the "Monde Selection Medal of Brussels" on several occasions.


Amrit Banaspati Company Limited (now, Amrit Banaspati Company Pvt. Ltd. ABCPL) has sold the Edible Oils business and the manufacturing facility at Rajpura, Distt. Patiala (Punjab) on slump sale basis and as a going concern to M/s Bunge India Pvt. Ltd. for a lumpsum Adjusted Consideration of Rs.231.19 crores. In terms of Business Transfer Agreement dated 21.12.2011, ABCPL has transferred all its movable & immovable assets, liabilities, business contracts, employees, intellectual property rights and secured & unsecured loans (excluding certain assets etc.) to Bunge on 10th February, 2012.

Amrit Food
UHT treated dairy milk, dairy mixes and other milk products.
Real Estate
Intergrated Gagan Enclave Township.

Corporate/Strategic advisory & BPO services.


Amrit Banaspati Company Limited

Hydrogenated & Refined Edible Oils & FMCG Commodities.
Language institutes & corporate training.
Amrit Agro Industries Ltd.
Amrit Agro Inds. Ltd. is a supplier of milk-based products.
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